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Christmas Presents Van Box Card

This is such a fun design, something a little different from your conventional Christmas card.

If you know someone with a camper van you could change up the colours to match their van.

The card folds flat too so it’s easy to put into an envelope and send it off.

Bringing in your files

Bring in your files and ungroup them.

Arrange them into colours that you would like to use.

I chose my own colours for this project.

First cut out your basic layers first.

A little tip

Once you’ve bought your file you can right click on it in your library , then click show properties.

You can then work off the picture on where your pieces will go.

Some designers have tutorials online.

Sorting the pieces

Once you’ve cut your pieces arrange the smaller bits onto a piece of spare cardstock that way you won’t lose them and can pick them out easier.

The front of the van

Take the darker coloured shape of the van and adhere the white window shape, the mint bottom half, wheel rims, bumpers, light and wreath with bow.

The base layers

Fold the long, mint piece along the score lines and adhere with the tab to make the box shape.

Adhere the mint van shape to the back with right side of the card facing out.

I’ve put the wheels on the inside of the this piece so you can see them from the front.

The presents

Adhere all the pieces of presents and then adhere to the main middle piece.

Then score the lines on your middle piece.

This will be the middle piece to make your van look 3D.

Placing the middle piece

Slot the middle piece with the presents into the base and adhere the tabs.

Adhere the front of the van.

This is a great little project to make.

I put all my little pieces on a light coloured cardstock so I didn’t lose them and with the adhesive cardstock it makes them easier to put together.

It doesn’t have to be a Christmas van you could keep the presents and take away the wreath to make a birthday van card.

– Sharon Nettleship – 

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