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Hello again!!

Vicky here from Cut That Design!

To celebrate National Shakespeare week, I have made a Cardstock frame with a popular Shakespeare quote!

The reason I chose cardstock was for one, I didn’t have a frame to hand, and two when I saw the cardstock frame in the Silhouette Design Store I felt inspired and thought I’d give it a go.

Extra products you may need is some glue, and some Glitter Cardstock.


As always, I popped over to the Silhouette Design Store and downloaded the Frame and quote!

I then resized the frame and the quote.

I made a slight error here, and as you can see from the completed frame the swirl ‘F’ in fierce is partially hiding behind the frame.

I should have sized the quote up to the middle square ‘white’ area in the main frame design.

Weld The Letters

Next up, to make my life a little bit easier, I added a small rectangle underneath the non-cursive font and welded them together.

This is so I wouldn’t have to place each letter individually.

Once this was done, I then cut them with my Silhouette Cameo 4, using the following settings:

For the Frame and quote I used Adhesive Cardstock with the following settings:

Machine Settings:
Force: 29.
Speed: 3 (for frame)
Speed: 2 for quote.
Pass 1: for frame
Pass 2: for quote.
Blade 4: for both

For the backing I used glitter cardstock from my own stash.

Machine Settings:
Force: 33
Speed: 3
Pass: 2
Blade: 6

Weeding The Letters

Once cut I then weeded the quote design, it was a little tedious due to its intricate and small nature, great if you love weeding!

I had to make the Shakespeare name a little bigger as it wasn’t being very cooperative the first time, I cut it.

Making The Frame

Next up I put the frame together.

In order for this to fit together properly, I folded over the sides with the flaps first (as shown), I then folded over the over sides.

I did make the mistake of putting the incorrect sides together first, I then couldn’t fit the other sides with the flaps down!

Add The Backing

I added the glitter card backing to the white backing of the frame.

I cut the flaps off the white backing, as I wanted the glitter backing to stick to the adhesive side of the backing.

You will require glue if you want to add the backing as is.

I am pleased with how this project turned out, apart from me making the quote a little too big (as previously stated), and I think using a normal wooden frame and just the quote would have made it a lot easier, but who wants easy crafts?

That being said, I think this is a fab craft project to do with the kids, plus with this frame you could add any design you like not just a quote.

I hope this has inspired you to get creative with your Silhouette Machine.

Until next time!

– Victoria Yates xx – 

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Design Used: Though She Be But Little Phrase
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Design Used: Easy Change 9.5×9.5
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