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New Year Foil Thank You Card | Silhouette Foil Transfer Sheets

This week we have been tasked with using Silhouette Foil Transfer Sheets.

These sheets are really meant to be used with a Curio but as I wanted to use my Cameo I thought I would try to devise a way of doing so.


I started by using an embossing tool in my Cameo 3 to try to get the foil to work but this was an epic failure.

I then thought I would try a sketch pen. I set the material to ‘Coverstock Heavy’, the action to ‘Cut’ and the blade to ‘Ratchet Blade’.

More Experimenting

I then set the force to 33, and Passes to 2.

The First Result

Although, I am pleased to say that this worked the design I had chosen was too delicate and the result wasn’t how I would have liked it to be.

Perfecting The Design

I then decided to try a much simpler design, to which I added an external border and found that this worked really well.

Thank You Never Looked So Good

I was really pleased to discover that you don’t need a curio to use these foil sheets and, providing you choose your design carefully, they work acceptably well.

– Karen Moss –

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Design Used: Thank You Card
Design Store Artist: Daniela Angelova
Design Store ID: 28577 > Download

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