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Thanksgiving Place Setting | Silhouette Sketch Pens

Hi Cheryl here again.

Sorry if you missed me last week but my printer was playing up big time!

I am back this week with a project that I have had fun making even though Thanksgiving isn’t something we celebrate here in the UK.

This is my project for this week.

Craft Materials Used

Silhouette Adhesive Backed Textured Cardstock
Silhouette Sketch Pens
DST / Wet Glue

Open Your File

In your software open your file in the design space and workout what the different pieces are for and if you need to increase the size do it here so all your pieces will increase to fit.

Ungroup The Pieces

Here you want to un-group the pieces to make things easier so right click on the box and select un-group and then you can start to cut your pieces.

Cutting The Circle

You should start with the main circle of the plate and cut by clicking to send to cut and if you have the same options then send hit to cut.

Don’t remove anything from the mat once cut and remove your blade from the holder in machine and insert a sketch pen into same slot as blade.

Using The Sketch Pens

Now you want to leave the outer circle on the screen then bring in the inner 2 rings of the plate and move them around until you are happy.

Once happy, take away the main circle shape, change the tool to sketch pen then hit send and the lines will Sketch instead of cut.

You want to follow the same step to do the smaller circle but change the colour of the Sketch Pen.

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For All Images)

Creating The Cutlery

Once the inner circle has been done you want to then cut out  the sentiment within the inner circle making sure it that it fits.

You should chose to do this bit in 2 different colours changing like this and then do the reverse for the words taken out and making sure you change to Sketch each time.

Once the Sketching is complete swap the pen back to the blade and cut the cutlery out of silver mirror card.

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For All Images)

Put It Together

Now all the pieces have been cut and sketched it’s time to build the plate up by trimming the inner circle down to show a small space behind the sketch line of the plate.

Use either wet glue or DST on the back and stick within the main sketched lines of bigger the plate.

I then put the cutlery around the page and punched a hole to add ribbon so that it can hang up and added a bow to the bottom of the plate ready to be displayed

(Make Sure You Scroll To The Right For Both Images)

Have A Great Thanksgiving

I enjoyed making this project although I didn’t really know anything about Thanksgiving at the start.

I have since read up about it and I think it’s something the world over should celebrate.

I have to tell you that it’s now officially my most favourite time of year, the Christmas movies and music channels are on and it’s operation Christmas preparation in my house.

I can’t wait to show you what I have made for next blog post.

– Cherylann McCool xx –

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Silhouette Products Used

Silhouette Designs Used

Design Used: Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart
Design Store Artist: Skyla Design
Design ID: 302001 > Download

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